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Thursday, 20 July 2017


Emedotartist Events one of the wings of EME ORGANIZATION has taken its music business down to Matubatuba one and only club Beat By Beat,thanks to Mr Ntshangase for allowing this business venture.
These gigs will be starting from Thursdays through to Sundays as follows:

Month end gigs & mid-month gigs (from Thursday to Sunday):
Thursday/Friday) -       18:00- 12:00
Saturday -                    20:00 -5:00 AM

Sundays -                    10:00 AM-18:00

Residents of Kwa-Msane Township will experience the most music power they have never experienced before.We will feature artists from local and national including Djs like Estil and Sabza-Jr and many more....

Monday, 17 August 2015


EME-ORGANIZATION CEO,Estil Mpunzana has discovered a new talent in deep house production,that is, Senzo Mfeka,known as 'STEVAAN'.According to Estil he discovered this young Stevaan from Soundcloud . This is a producer who studied at Boston College and also went through K-CAP THEATRE Studios.

This is what Estil had to say:

"As usual I upload my deephouse mixes to share with Soundcloud community of musicians,producers,authors and DJs. When I was just listening to music from different musicians in order to follow their works i noticed that there was a new person following me and it was Stevaan.I believe he listened to my mixes and liked my deep house  sets which led him to follow me. Maybe it was also the fact that I leave in Durban,Kwa-Mashu and close to where he is located.I also started following his music and I was totally blown away by the talent this young star has .I started messaging him to get more from him. The boy is good and he is going places."

Follow Stevaan on:

facebook ,twitter (@stevaan)

soundcloud (

See our chat below:

  • Me
    where you located in Durban? Where are your studios?
  • thanks a lot brother. to tell you the truth i'm still finding my way,it took me a long time to realize what i wanted to do with my music and how to go about doing it. i'm located in Phoenix, but you can expect more from me towards the end of the year I'll be releasing a few tracks via herbs and soul. i can see you've got some big things going on, big ups!!
  • Me
    I have been in Durban for over a decade and have been in one studio to the next searching for good deep soulful house producer and trust me I only discovered you in 2015. I am a kind of DJ who do not compromise the deep house genre which is why I even found Durban not being my DJ scene.But having the guys like you who are producing some good vibes like this I am blown away to the sky.You just reminded me of my likes -Vinny daVincy,Osunlade,Frank Roger,Glen Lewis,DJ Spinna(USA),Mr V,Frankie Nuckles ,DJ Bhuda(durban),DJ Ian Sigola(Metro FM)and many more who always tantalized my deep house hearing experience. Keep it up with the good work Stevan. Trust me I will be buying your works as soon as you release it.I wish I can get some of your stuff to compile a mix in one of my gigs.
    Musically yours,Estil

Friday, 19 June 2015




Emedotartist Events ,EME-DJs and Estilite Model Management (EMM) has come up with a new theme EME-KASI BAYWATCH EVENTS as follows:

Our mission is to help our clients to fully engage with their guests and
audiences through the creation, design and production of live events.
The ambition our team brings to the table can help make your events inviting
and exciting, boosting not only your attendance, but also your reputation in
your industry. Our goal is threefold: to increase interest in attending an event
from your organization, encourage participants to stay at each event, and
ultimately, to help make an impact on your audience.
Our team’s 25 years of experience give us insight and understanding into the
demands of our clients. We understand the importance of budget conscious
events. We speak your language. We deliver on our promises. Our knowledge
and experience enable us to select the best and most trusted venues,
vendors, caterers and event professionals. Eventique is always expanding the
breadth and depth of its resources to include only the finest vendors and
seasoned industry professionals.
Our team will be there by your side to assist with everything from setting up
appointments, selection of vendors as well as throughout the entire event
process and of course on the days of the event. Below, please find an
overview of who we are and our capabilities. Please do not hesitate to call us
directly at +27 76 5682198 should you have any questions or concerns.
We look forward to working with you on your event!
Eventfully Yours,
Estil Mpunzana
Founder & CEO

Friday, 28 December 2012


EMEotARTIST Events,EME Disc-Jockeys in collaboration with ESTILITE MODEL MANAGEMENT (EMM) & TOWNSHIP SPORTING EVENTS(tse) invites all up and coming and established artists ,community radio stations and the community of INK  to attend a Showcasing Event at KwaMashu TV/Fan Park(Behind Sports Centre).
The Event dates are as follows:

31 December 2012 from 10 a.m. till 1st January 2013 at 18h00.

Entrance is free for everyone.

For more information contact: Mandisa-0721455893/0836173992 /

As an entertainment and events company with relevant expertise and 17 years’ experience in entertainment industry and Musical Skills , Emedotartist Events in collaboration with Estil`s Music &  Entertainment cc, Estilite Model Management(EMM),EME Disc-Jockeys feel that they can make a positive contribution to the upliftment and promotion of up and coming artists in around Durban Townships.
Our positive contribution entails hosting a live music event whereby aspiring up and coming music and dance artists will be given a chance to perform live on stage in order to showcase their talent.
Throughout our eventing expertise we have maintained highest performance standards within the diverse range of event management functions, artist management and mentorship, which is illustrated by our past successes in hosting events like Youth Day, June 16.

The event details will be as follows FOR TWO DAYS-31 DECEMBER 2012 TO 1ST JANUARY 2012:
10h00 a.m. to 18h00 – first session live performances of up and coming music and dance artists
18h00 to 12 midnight – second session live performances of invited music and dance artists, New Year’s Eve Celebration
Every two hours –talks by music studio personnel, Radio personalities, and motivational speakers.
Security- SAPS,CITY POLICE  and private security personnel
Sponsors: Estilsmusic, Caban Productions,Estilite Model Management(EMM), EME DJs, TOWNSHIP SPORTING EVENTS(tse),Vibe FM (Isteshi somphakathi)
 Your sincere contribution will be highly appreciated as it will help us uplift the talent among the youth of our townships in order to make them realise that they are not alone and that there is always an alternative to abstain from drugs and alcohol. For future updates together with Township Sporting Events (TSE) we will be hosting a number of sporting events throughout 2013 of which we will again need your assistance in allowing us to use your venue.
For more information contact: Mandisa-0721455893/0836173992 /

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Download Emedotartist Events Mixes @ KasiMP3

EMEdotARTIST Events has released a series of MP3 mixes for this summer .Make sure you do not get left out this 2012 festive season by not listening to these fantabulous mixes and downloading your copy from KASIMP3, by following the following links:

EME`s Criss Cross May 192012  by Estil - ,key-42915

EME`s Criss Cross April 222012 by Estil- ,key 42916

EME`s Criss Cross Deap Sea II - by Estil- , key 42918

Estil`s dpdubs deep pride -by Estil - ,key 42931

For KasiMP3 site enquiries:

Thanks to Mokgethwa Mapaya for designing  this platform for all those aspiring DJs.Keep up with good work Mok`...

Invented by @MokgethwaMapaya, copyright © Shipa Music 2012

Saturday, 22 September 2012


At EMEdotARTIST EVENTS (Licensee, Estil`s Music & Entertainment cc), promoting responsible drinking is one of the group’s top sustainable development priorities. The company cares about educating people about responsible alcohol consumption, engages stakeholders and works collectively with them to address irresponsible alcohol consumption.
The highlight of the drive is a mobile Canter that would move to high visibility locations within the city and EME-Beer-wise & Mandisa Njokweni of the Responsible Drinking Campaign would engage the public to gauge and enhance their awareness about alcohol abuse. Our intentions is that the participants be given caps/ T-shirts with ‘EME-Beer-wise’ messages printed on them like ‘know your limits’, ‘don’t drink and drive’. Hoarding with the Beer-Wise message will be placed in the heart of the township and our intention is to have Street plays which would take place every weekend for the general public, conveying Responsible drinking message in an interesting and effective manner.
According to MD,Estil Mpunzana  of Estil`s Music & Entertainment(EME) this is what he had to say:
"In KZN Province, the company has planned to roll out awareness drives and this Responsible drinking campaign which has already started in Durban Townships, viz., Kwa-Mashu Township and its surrounding areas .This is one such initiative for reaching out to the general audiences. We also plan to launch more such campaigns in other provinces or parts of the country. The company promotes responsible consumption through awareness programs, partnerships with community stakeholders, and governments to reinforce purchase and drinking age limits. Additionally, the company has proposed launching the which is a comprehensive guide to alcohol – from beer usage to alcohol’s impact on the body. EME intervention programmes encourage people not to drive under the influence of alcohol.”
Mandisa Njokweni also commented about this initiative:

“It is heartening to see an Entertainment Company like EMEdotARTIST EVENTS willing to partner with the government, and share responsibility towards making the citizens aware about responsible consumption of alcohol. I wish EME-Beer-wise campaign success in Durban City and in all other areas”. 

We've made discouraging irresponsible drinking one of our top sustainable development priorities. The reason is simple. When people drink too much, they can hurt themselves, other people, and the communities that help give us our livelihood. No one benefits, not even us.
There is no simple solution. We believe, however, there are things that make a difference. Things like making sure information about alcohol are accurate and balanced. Enforcing laws against drinking and driving, underage drinking, and disorderly conduct. And, reaching out to people who are most at risk to help them.
Different things work in different markets. So, our efforts are locally designed and run, with help from local partners. Although our campaigns may look a little different, they are all built on our six core principles on alcohol.
EME supports Six SAB principles on alcohol
Our six principles on alcohol help guide the decisions we make every day. They are:
1.Our beer adds to the enjoyment of life for the overwhelming majority of our consumers
2.We care about the harmful effects of irresponsible alcohol consumption
3.We engage stakeholders and work collectively with them to address irresponsible consumption
4.Alcohol consumption is for adults and is a matter of individual judgement and accountability
5.Information provided to consumers about alcohol consumption should be accurate and balanced
6.We expect our employees to aspire to high levels of conduct in relation to alcohol consumption